Friday, 1 March 2013

Off the map familiar

Source:  landofmaps

How the world would look if the land masses and oceans were inverted

Here are some strikingly idiosyncratic and tangential cartographical images (see more at Maps you never knew you needed).

Source: landofmaps
Every country Britain has ever invaded (all but 22) 

Source: landofmaps
The world using a different centre point than you are used to

The USA drawn as a map from a fantasy novel


  1. Hi Eddie

    I love this kind of stuff. I presume you are familiar with Frank Jacobs' wonderful website Strange Maps (

    It's a positive cornucopia to off-beam geographers (not that I'm saying you might be one.....)


  2. Hi Ian

    Yes Strange Maps and other map links in the Mapping the Landscape section (long scroll down I'm afraid - need to make this more user friendlt) at:

    I love all maps; cartographise even the most mundane subject and it is instantly brought to life. Though my favourite will always remain, conventional but endlessly inspirational, Ordnance Survey.




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