Landscape conservation, ecology and nature writing; and landscape architecture, arbor culture and gardening

Landscape conservation, ecology and nature writing

A Green History of the World - Clive Ponting

An Environmental History of Great Britain: From 10,000 years ago to the present day - IG Simmons

Beachcombings – Richard Mabey

Britain's Green Mantle: Past, present and future - AG Tansley

Caught by the River: A collection of words on water - Jeff Barrett, Robin Turner and Andrew Walsh (Eds.) 
Crow Country – Mark Cocker

Dark Mountain (Issue 3) - Douglas Hine, Paul Kingsnorth and Adrienne Odasso (Eds.)

Earthlines - magazine

Ecocriticism - Greg Garrard

Feral - George Monbiot

Flora Britannica - Richard Mabey

Food for Free - Richard Mabey

Future Nature: A vision for conservation - WM Adams

Gaia: A new look at life on earth - James Lovelock

Man and the Natural World - Keith Thomas

Nature - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature Cure - Richard Mabey

Oak: A British history - Esmond Harris, Jeanette Harris and NDG James

On Nature: Unexpected ramblings on the British countryside - Caught by the River (Eds.)

Rivers and the British Landscape - Sue Owen et al

Rivers of Britain - Richard and Nina Muir

Sightlines - Kathleen Jamie

Silent Fields – Roger Lovegrove

Silent Spring - Rachel Carson

The Ancient Yew - Robert Bevan-Jones

The Environment of Britain in the First Millennium AD - Petra Dark

The Hedgerow Book - Ron Wilson

The Life of the Fields - Richard Jefferies

The Leaping Hare - George Ewart Evans and David Thompson

The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd

The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin

The Ring of Bright Water Trilogy - Gavin Maxwell

The Wild Places - Robert Macfarlane

Wildlife in the South Country - Richard Jefferies

Wild: An elemental journey - Jay Griffiths

Wildwood: In search of trees – Roger Deakin

Woodlands - Oliver Rackham 

Landscape architecture, arbor culture and gardening

Forest Gardening - Robert Hart

Parks and Gardens of Britain: A landscape history from the air - Christopher Taylor

Permaculture: A designer's manual - Bill Mollison and Andrew Jeeves

The Archaeology of Gardens - Christopher Taylor

Working with Nature - John Brainerd


  1. Well you haven't got Bill Mollinson and Permaculture, a whole shelf full of books by different authors on the subject. Then there is the Japanese take 'The One Straw Revolution' - Masanobu Fukuoka
    And of course Forest Gardening, Robert Hart if I remember rightly........ sorry you need loads more books;)

    1. Great, thanks for the pointers on Permaculture Thelma. Loads more books is music to my ears!


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