PhD research

I have now completed my PhD research and been awarded a Doctorate from the University of Exeter. My thesis is entitled Topographical legacies of monasticism: evolving perceptions and realities of monastic landscapes in the southern Welsh Marches.

Llanthony Priory in its landscape setting
This research project examines to what extent elements of a medieval monastic landscape can be discerned within the historic landscape of today, both in terms of physical, topographical features and also how these landscapes have been perceived and experienced. 

Moreover, a hypothesis that the topographical legacy of monasticism has remained a central element (though sometimes hidden or unseen) of the genius loci of the places looked at in this study is explored, examining how this has influenced the way in which these landscapes have been developed, experienced and remembered up to the present 

The study area

The tools of conventional landscape history and archaeology have been utilised, combined with approaches more commonly associated with cultural geography to provide a comprehensive analysis – a deep topography - of the perceptions and realities of these complex landscapes.

The original research proposal can be found here (although the research, commenced in September 2015, has inevitably follow a somewhat varying path). 

I have posted regular pieces relating to the research project on this blog. Here are links to relevant posts and contributions to other web sites: 

My MSc dissertation on the landscape impact of Llanthony Priory, one of the monastic houses looked at in this research project, can be found here. The following article is based on this dissertation: Procter, E, 2012. 'Llanthony Priory in the Vale of Ewyas: The Landscape Impact of a Medieval Priory in the Welsh Marches' in Archaeology in Wales 51, 93-106.

Further information on my research can be found on my University of Exeter profile pages and Academia.Edu profile.


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