Friday, 30 May 2014

Rewilding: An Alternative View

The latest issue of Landscapes journal is now out. It includes a review article I have written entitled Rewilding: An Alternative View, a critique of the lack of understanding and appreciation of the historical, human and cultural elements of the landscape in George Monbiot’s recent work of polemic, Feral, and the wider rewilding movement in general: 

"Whilst many share Monbiot’s concerns with industrialised food production, the narrowing of land ownership and the long drift from direct engagement with the natural environment, I can’t help wondering how much empathy the rewilding movement has with the enchanted warp and weft of the landscapes of Britain (and elsewhere); something as special as, but maybe less tangible than, the endangered animal and plant life that many people understandably wish to restore to good health."

Also in this issue, articles on the subterranean military and industrial complexes below Corsham in Wiltshire, the cult of waterfalls in eighteenth century Wales, the landscapes of sustainable agriculture and a study of islandscapes. An eclectic and stimulating collection, as ever.

Landscapes is a must for anyone with an interest in a multi-disciplinary, multi-layered approach to landscape and sense of place. You can subscribe or pay per view on line here.


  1. Hi Eddie

    Thanks for opening my eyes to this wonderful-looking journal. A ragbag of interesting pieces which look so eclectic that you yourself could have been the editor!

    I'd enjoy reading you nuanced response to George Monbiot's monotone about rewilding. I'm not sure if you've stumbled across the review of Feral which I wrote for Earthlines:

    All best wishes


    1. Thanks Ian. I hadn't seen your review, you've nailed it far better than I! I've tweeted the link.

      Landscapes is a great journal and glad to spread the word.


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