Landscape in general

A Land - Jaquetta Hawkes

An Environmental History of Twentieth-Century Britain - John Sheail

Approaches to Landscape - Richard Muir

England's Landscape (English Heritage), volumes 1-8 - Various authors, Neil Cossons (Series Ed.) 

Geographical (Royal Geographical Society) - magazine

Ideas of Landscape – Matthew Johnson

Landscape - John Wylie

Landscape: Pattern, perception and process - Simon Bell

Landscapes for the World - Peter Fowler

New Lives, New Landscapes - Nan Fairbrother

Patterned Ground: Entanglements of nature and culture - Stephen Harrison, Steve Pile and Nigel Thrift (Eds.)

Place: A short introduction - Tim Cresswell

Places: An anthology of Britain - Ronald Blythe (Ed.)

Remaking the Landscape: The changing face of Britain - Jennifer Jenkins (Ed.)

The Birth of Modern Britain - Francis Prior

The Earth from the Air - Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The English Landscape: Past, present and future - SRJ Woodell (Ed.)

The Guardian Book of the Countryside – Martin Wainwright (Ed.)

The History of the Countryside - Oliver Rackham

The Making of the English Landscape - WG Hoskins

Upland Britain - Roy Millward and Adrian Robinson

Wales: A study in geography and history - EG Bowen

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