Landscape antiquarianism and archaic texts

A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain - Daniel Defoe

Beowulf - Anon

Ecclesiastical History of the English People - Bede

Eclogues -Virgil

John Leland's Itinerary: Travels in Tudor England - John Chandler (Ed.)

Le Morte Darthure Sir Thomas Mallory

Mabinogion - Lady Charlotte Guest

Piers Ploughman - William Langland

Poly-Olbion - Michael Drayton

Seeing England: Antiquaries, Travellers and Naturalists - Charles Lancaster

Shepheardes Calender  - Edmund Spenser 
Sir Girwain and the Green Knight - Anon

Survey of London - John Stow

Sylva: Or a Discourse on Forest Trees - John Evelyn

The Agricola and the Germania - Tacitus

The Journey Through Wales/ The Description of Wales - Gerald of Wales

The Odyssey - Homer

The Saga's of Iceland - Anon 

Travels - Marco Polo

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