Living and working in the landscape

A Shepherd's Life - WH Hudson

Brave Old World - Tom Hodgkinson

Cottage Economy – William Cobbett

England's Agricultural Regions and Agrarian History, 1500-1750 - Joan Thirsk

Everyday Life in Medieval England - Christopher Dyer

Farmers, Landlords and Landscapes: Rural Britain 1720 - 1870 - Susanna Wade Martins

I Bought a Mountain - Thomas Firbank

Life on the English Manor: A study of peasant conditions 1150-1400  - HS Bennett

Men and the Fields - Adrian Bell

The Allotment: Its landscape and culture - David Crouch and Colin Ward

The Dynamics of Agricultural Change - David Grigg

The English Countryman - HJ Massingham

The English Peasantry and the Growth of Lordship - Rosamond Faith

The Medieval Economy and Society - MM Postan

The Farmers of Old England - Eric Kerridge

The History of Myddle Richard Gough

The Pattern Under the Plough - George Ewart Evans

The Rise and Fall of Merrie England - Ronald Hutton

The River Cottage Year – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

The Riverford Farm Cook Book - Guy Watson and Jayne Baxter

The Transformation of Rural England: Farming and the landscape 1700-1870 - Tom Williamson

The Voices of Morebath: Reformation and rebellion in an English village - Eamon Duffy

The Worm Forgives the Plough - John Stuart Collis

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