Deep landscape and landscape curios

A Book of Silence - Sarah Maitland

A Field Guide to Getting Lost - Rebecca Solnit

Albion: A Guide to Legendary Britain - Jennifer Westwood

Albion: The origins of the English imagination – Peter Ackroyd

A Little Book of the Green Man - Mike Harding

Anglo-Saxon England - Frank Stenton

Britain and the Beast - Clough Williams-Ellis (Ed.)

British Folk-Tales and Legends - Katharine Briggs

Desert Islands - Walter de la Mare

Fear of Farming - Caroline Whickham-Jones

Geography and Vision: Seeing, imagining and representing the world - Denis Cosgrove

In Search of England: Journeys into the English past - Michael Wood

Landscape and Englishness - David Matless

Landscape and Memory - Simon Shama

Mummers, Maypoles and Milkmaids: A journey through the English ritual year - Sara Hannant

Museum Without Walls - Jonathan Meades

The Age of Arthur: A history of the British Isles from 350 to 650 - John Morris

The English – Jeremy Paxman

The Golden Bough - Sir James Fraser

The Hollow On The Hill - Christopher Milne

The Idea of North – Peter Davidson

The Modern Antiquarian – Julian Cope

The Old Straight Track - Alfred Watkins

The Stations of the Sun: A history of the ritual year in Britain - Ronald Hutton

The Story of England - Tom Beaumont James

The Tribes of Britain - David Miles

The View From the Train: Cities and other landscapes - Patrick Keiller

Trees, Woodlands and Western Civilisation - Richard Hayman

Wales: Epic views of a small country - Jan Morris

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